Pickering Pentecostal Church

With the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions we had to dramatically alter our plans for the 2020 Big Give outreach and focused on two viable projects: to collect food for local food banks and to give special appreciation with $10 Tim’s Cards in nice thank you notes delivered  to our local first responders.


We hosted two days of food drives at our church, posted flyers in the community and promoted them on social media and our church website.

The response was excellent from our church family with many volunteers participating over both days and the congregation bringing enough food to fill hundreds of boxes. We decided to pre-sort the food and label each box as it came in so that the food banks could easily use it once their quarantine period was completed.

We were able to support the Salvation Army Food Bank in Ajax, St Pauls on the Hill Food Bank in Pickering and the Scott Mission Food Bank in Toronto/Scarborough with this initiative.


Karen & Dan Thorogood delivered the thank you cards to some very happy first responders, fire stations and paramedic stations in Pickering.

We have additional cards we hope to deliver once the stations in Ajax are okay to receive them.