Salvation Army Community Church

Well, I think Jesus held our hands this weekend and made our outreach a great success. Our hearts were so touched by the many people who were so grateful, newcomers to the country, people struggling in shelters, even another church leader gave me a hug and said she will recommend doing The Big Give as well next year! I will be sure to call on other churches in our area. I am so excited by this, I can’t wait until 2020.

What a great experience we had. Our little church came together in such a short time and created an inside Free Garage Sale with coffee and hotdogs that was so wonderful. We had church family people donate so many items and our Salvation Army Family Services pulled up with offerings and all the hotdogs, buns, etc.

We kept it to our community and it just so happened that there was a Community Kindness movement going on in the City the same day, so they came by to visit.

Thank each one of you so much for starting this amazing act of love and connecting us all. Also, thank you for your patience with us.

God knows what is needed always.