St. Andrew’s Christian Church

St. Andrew’s Christian Church, joined by New Beginning Church, in Rockland hosted The Big Give for the first this year.

We offered a free BBQ, coffee, soft drinks, water. In addition, any of the items that have been donated by the church family and community members were given out freely those who came. New Beginnings offered free haircuts and a beautician.

There were over 20 church volunteers (from a church whose attendance is just over 30 people) who came on Thursday and Friday to receive items and then on Saturday to help set up and run the Big Give. A spirit of camaraderie was present and all seemed to be happy to give of their time for such a worthy cause.

Approximately 20 New Testaments and Psalms were given away, about 225 hot dogs were eaten and between 250-275 visitors on the church property.

We were able to pray for those who needed and asked for prayer, connect people who were looking for certain items, witness to a neighbour of the church, give tours of our sanctuary and greet many people showing God’s love. It was a BIG success!