St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Again this year we served breakfast of sausages, scrambled eggs, toast, jam, tea, coffee and juice. We prepared for 200 and served in the area of 225 to 240. We found we had some left over bacon from a previous breakfast in the freezer and reheated it to add to our menu. When the sausages and bacon ran out, people said they did not care as long as they had something to eat. We had 1 dozen eggs and a few loaves of bread left at the end of the meal, but not much else. It was steady from the time we opened at 8:00 am until we finished at 10:00 am. There were a few people came in between 10:30 and 11:00 but as we had cleaned up all we had we directed them to Grace St. Andrew’s United church for coffee and muffins or The Gateway Church for hot dogs.

We had a great team working on this breakfast and we enjoyed working together and meeting with our community. The Lord blessed us with a wonderful day, beautiful weather and not too hot, and many people to enjoy our meal. We look forward to doing this again next year.