West Island

Although this year was a lot less ‘flashy’ than other years, we have a deep sense of God on the move as we served our community together.

Here are some of the things the West Island network of churches did on June 6th

Food Drive: We had 8 churches collecting food for the food drive. Food was then brought to Westside Gathering at 2pm and be distributed to food banks from there.

Seniors Gift Bags: We had 5 churches (Bethel, Westview, WI United Pentecostal, St. Michaels and Oasis) make gift bags for senior recipients of Meals on Wheels. We spoke with the coordinator they were thrilled and thankful for this initiative.

Bike Clinic: Lakeside Heights Baptist Church did a FREE bike clinic from 9am-3pm.

Thank You Cards: Our CAITeam wrote Thank You cards to senior homes and grocery stores in the WI on behalf of the West Island Network of churches letting them know that we are praying for them in this difficult and busy season.

Prayer Walking: Bethel Church is mobilizing prayer walks around senior homes.

Here is a video of how it all went: